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What's In My Carry-On: My Top 6 Travel Snacks

One of my travel pet peeves is how many airlines offer little more than pretzels on even fairly long flights. Of course there are exceptions, like when flying First Class or JetBlue (which gets an A+ in my book for above-average Economy snacks on short flights), but the majority of the time in Economy you can end up on a food desert of a flight.

I get hungry easily (and am definitely guilty of getting “hangry" as well) so packing the right snacks when I am traveling is essential. Airports and the actual transportation part of traveling can be stressful, so I always advise you have some appetite-appeasing snacks at the ready to ensure everyone gets along while you get from Point A to Point B.

Here are my favorite go-to snacks for a hunger-free trip:

1. Nuts of some sort

Nuts and trail mixes are some of my favorite hunger-fighting foods. Packed with protein and sure to fill you up in no time, these are easy to pack and definitely hold me over until my next meal. Sweet tooth? I am also a big fan of chocolate-covered nuts or Kind Bars for travel as well!

2. Jerky

Another great snack that can calm a growling stomach and feels a little more substantial than crackers or cookies is jerky. And they make all sorts of amazing variations and flavors these days. I specifically am a huge fan of Krave, I am even guilty of being a part of the Krave Klub with regular jerky deliveries!

3. Your favorite candy

You are on vacation! Whether it be M&Ms, Sour Patch Kids, or Twix, start your vacation off right with a treat along the way.

4. Herbal tea bags

Herbal teas with ingredients like chamomile and ginger can be great for relaxation and to ease an upset stomach. Airlines usually only offer black tea with caffeine, so bringing your own tea bags and asking for some hot water can be a great nightcap for a red-eye fight.

5. Gum

A multi-purpose essential! I always like to have gum for take-off and landing to help with popped ears, but is always good to have to freshen your breathe after meals or before chatting with your seat mate. To stay super fresh, especially on long flights, I always recommend packing Colgate Wisps – will make you feel like you have freshly brushed teeth!

6. A water bottle

Not a “snack” but vital for me when flying. I always either bring an empty water bottle to fill or buy one at the gift shop before getting on my flight. You can get so dehydrated on a flight, so it is always good to have water handy. Once again, unless you are in First Class, the beverage service does not start until at least 30-45 minutes into the flight, so if you are thirsty, might be a while until you get a drink.

What are your go-to essentials in your carry-on bag? I would love to hear! Please share at!

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