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Just Back From: PORTUGAL

Portugal is a small country jam-packed with rich culture, surprising beauty, delicious cuisine, friendly people and so much more.

Picnic lunch at Malhadinha

Earlier this year I took my second trip to Portugal, a country I had loved and been yearning to further explore. And wow, what a visit it was!

Learning about salt farming in the Algarve

My key takeaway was that Portugal is a country for so many different types of travelers, with the option to focus on what you really love:

  • Food and wine lovers: the cuisine in Portugal is incredible - with great seafood, pastries, wine and farm-to-table cuisine in particular.

  • Those who want to pack a lot into an itinerary: The country is compact and driving times are shorter than other countries, so you can cover a lot of ground in a 7 or 10 day itinerary.

  • Golfers: The southern part of Portugal along the Algarve has some of Europe's best courses.

  • Active Families: With a diversity of landscapes and destinations from beach towns to charming port cities there is a lot to do for active families. Bike rides, ATVs, boat trips, horseback riding and more can keep kids entertained and provide something for everyone in the family.

  • Those looking for a great value: You can do many of the same activities as other parts of Europe for a much better price point than countries such as France or Italy without compromising on quality.

Sunset cruise with friends in Lisbon

Our itinerary focused on central and southern Portugal and consisted of time in Lisbon, Sintra, rural Portugal and the Algarve.


Belem view from the water in Lisbon

Lisbon is often the starting place for a Portuguese itinerary since an international airport hub, and is Portugal's largest city. Lisbon has so much to offer in terms of history, food, nightlife, and culture. Some of my favorite experiences I can arrange here are a sidecar tour of the city or an artisan behind-the-scenes workshop visit. You will want at least a few days to explore the city and learn about the Portuguese way of life.

We stayed at the beautiful Reais & Chateaux property Valverde Hotel, but some other favorites are the Bairro Alto Hotel and the Four Seasons Lisbon. There are a lot of great boutique hotel options so really about matching you to the hotel that best fits the trip!


The magical town of Sintra is the perfect day trip from Lisbon or stop on the way to your next destination. The unique Pena Palace and gardens come alive when your guide explains the rich history of the area. The forest is beautiful so great for anyone who likes a bit of hiking as well!

Pena Palace in Sintra

Any Sintra itinerary is not complete with a gorgeous garden picnic at the one and only Tivoli Palácio de Seteais, which is one of my favorite activities to arrange for clients here!


After time in the city, a retreat in the countryside is the perfect pairing. We stayed at the heavenly Herdade Malhadinha Nova - a unique concept created by the Soares Family with the combination of a vineyard, farm, unique activities, and incredible luxury accommodations to enjoy it all. A place to truly unwind and enjoy nature, food and memories with loved ones.


The last stop on our itinerary was the Algarve. Especially for any summer itinerary, beach lovers and golfers, the Algarve is a must-stop! With relaxing beach clubs, incredible seafood and lots of opportunities to get on the water, the Algarve is such a relaxing end to an itinerary.

The Grand House Beach Club

We stayed at the welcoming Grand House which truly epitomized the meaning of good Portuguese hospitality.

After a relaxing coastal stay, it is only a short drive back to Lisbon for your international flight!

Interested in planning a trip to beautiful Portugal? Feel free to reach out at and we can begin crafting your custom itinerary to this gem of a country!

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